Carrier Services

We value our partnerships with our carriers, and are welcoming more. Our carrier partnerships are based on the foundation of strong customer experience, together with advanced technology. Combined, you can expect an efficient system and a dependable point of contact. Your day just got a whole lot easier.

Online Enrollment with Xpress Implementation

We’ve developed a quick implementation process for carriers who want to offer the convenience of online enrollment to their sales reps & clients. Go from build to live in 72 hours or less.

List Billing

We know your time is valuable, so let us take on some of the extra work. Using our cutting-edge technology, we can supply list billing with our innovative system that lets us send invoices early and securely, ensuring your data’s safety. Take a break, we’ve got everything handled.

EDI? No Problem.

Worried about your EDI? Don’t be. With us, multiple types of EDI are supported, including full file, change file, and reflecting true change. And you can rest even easier, knowing all EDI is done securely and your data is protected.